November 25, 2014

New connections at the Arena Career Fair in Finland

Elina Rintala

Sales manager, Tieto

On November 12th, the main building of Aalto School of Business and Economics in Finland was buzzing with excitement as over 3,000 students and 60 companies participated on the annual ARENA career fair. Just like last year, Tieto also took part in this busy event.

ARENA Career Fair is an event that gives future business talents the chance to meet with different companies and to get to know their recruitment needs and trainee programmes. With thousands of student visitors, the day was hectic and packed with interesting discussions in a positive atmosphere. Tieto set up a CV clinic where students were instructed on how to create an attractive CV. Some companies organized speed interview sessions, where students got to practice different kinds of interviews and prepare for real-life situations.

After the official event ended, all the exhibitors were invited for a networking dinner. The dinner offered us the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange opinions about the fair. As a young, recently graduated employee, it was fun to see old friends from different universities representing their companies at the event. The fair gave a good insight into the vast amount of possibilities available for young talents nowadays. The common factor between us, the exhibitors, was that we are all proud of our employers and feel happy to spread the word about the possibilities in our respective companies.

All and all the ARENA Career Fair was a huge success from Tieto's point of view! One of our top goals for the fair was to introduce and seek candidates for Tieto's Generation-T trainee programme, which will start next February. (The Generation T programme is the Finnish and Norwegian Tieto trainee programme.) Our aim was also to increase awareness of Tieto as a company ‒ what kind of people we need and what kind of work we do. During the day, we noticed that not all students knew what it is that Tieto does. Also, many believed that our recruitment is mostly focused on people with a technical background. Many students were positively surprised when they heard that Tieto is looking for young professionals with a variety of different backgrounds! As a result, the number of applications for our Generation-T programme increased significantly after the event.

Summing up, I would say that the ARENA Career Fair was a positive, fun and an interesting event for Tieto. We hope to see you all next year again!

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