November 25, 2014

Common cloud challenges 2/6: When cloud solutions don’t feel enterprise ready

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

As more and more enterprises look to move their data to the cloud, there are some common challenges most of these companies are facing. In this 6-part blog miniseries I’ll address these challenges and also suggest how you can overcome them.

 The issues I will address are:

  1. What is the real business value of cloud for me?
  2. When cloud solutions don’t feel enterprise ready
  3. Our existing IT assets have not yet reached end of their lifecycle
  4. Combining traditional IT with cloud is difficult
  5. My current vendors are not proactively bringing new and innovative cloud solutions to me
  6. How can I manage the growing number of cloud providers?

Today we will continue our mini series and look at the next common challenge. In some cases cloud solutions don’t feel enterprise ready. When looking into the option of moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud, you will have difficulties in finding enterprise ready solutions on the market.

Common challenge nr 2: When cloud solutions don't feel enterprise ready

You will be facing issues regarding configuration, flexibility, price, service levels, performance, integration, security and availability. These may prevent you from hosting your critical applications in the cloud. So, even if recent studies show that 79% of organisations using cloud are happy with their experiences, they will struggle to move past the easy use cases into a broader use. The challenge is, how to be able to realize the full value of cloud services and move your critical processes into cloud?

Find a broker that can deliver in your context

Cloud service brokerage and ready solution bundles will greatly simplify the consumption of cloud services. A cloud service broker will act as an intermediate between the cloud provider and the cloud consumer. The broker will help to customize and integrate various cloud solutions, and more importantly, create ready bundles of cloud solutions for certain business purposes and security levels. Finding a good broker who adds value with ready solution bundles will greatly accelerate your move to cloud.

Choose a partner that can show what cloud can do for you, and deliver

The cloud has matured and become “business as usual”. But so far, almost all cloud services are general standard services, available to businesses in all industries. The individual businesses are responsible for adapting the systems to their own industry requirements.

Choose a partner that will provide you with enterprise-ready cloud solution bundles relevant for your business and specific industry needs, developed for local conditions. Today, businesses and organizations need more than bland horizontal cloud services. Tieto’s answer to this growing demands from our clients is to provide cloud services that meet the industry demands in a more comprehensive way. We call these services Industry Community Clouds.

By continuously investigating what specific industries need, we package the solutions into suites of Industry Cloud services that are fully compliant, secure and tailored for a certain industry. Therefore, the clients can get started more quickly with the cloud services. The clients also get a much more important role in the development of these products than they have had before in this process.

So far we have developed two industry clouds: Finance Cloud and secure cloud for the Public sector. Other industry cloud solutions under development include tailored offerings for industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Telecom and Media.

Also look for a partner that can both broker and develop their own cloud solutions, industry specific and horisontal. This will ensure that you can move smoothly and fast into the new enterprise cloud world.

Read more already today

We will publish the next post soon, but if you want to read all the challenges already today you can download the document See what cloud can do for you - uncomplicating cloud business. Also, read more about Tieto’s vision and find all cloud related material here.

Niraj Sood is leading Business Development in Tieto Managed Services to meet the digital revolution.


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