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Data synchronization – tackling the major GDPR challenge in the public sector

Esa Manneri, Tieto | January 16, 2018

Public sector organizations are adapting their processes to ensure GDPR compliance. One major concern is how citizens’ data is spread out in data silos that may be out of sync. Why is this critical, and what must be done?

Instant payments: what are you waiting for?

Valdis Janovs, Tieto | Edgars Bremze, Tieto | January 12, 2018

Closing of last year saw the launch of new instant payment schemes in the US and Eurozone. The main commercial banks in the US are behind RTP®, and nearly 600 payment institutions from eight European countries are participating in SCT Inst (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer).

How to relieve the burden of application security testing?

Tuija Tamghart, Tieto | November 21, 2017

Most development teams are measured by the amount of functionalities they produce, not on how secure their code is. But you get what you measure. Is this something that should change? What should a software buyer demand from testing?

Communication – we talk about it a lot, but what is it really?

Jutta Ruotsalainen, Tieto | January 11, 2018

Communication is something you hear people talking about every day. It’s also a word you’ve probably heard so many times that you’ve stopped paying attention to it. But what does communication really mean?

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