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Why data helps you better understand your customers

Olli Luukkonen, Tieto | September 30, 2016

Some time back, I was invited to speak in our partner's m-brains marketing intelligent conference about analytics in IoT in London. Naturally, having been granted such an opportunity, I also attended the discussions around measuring the success of analytics, or preferably in this context, measuring the business value of marketing intelligence.

Three trends that the energy industry needs to figure out—with their customers

Carl Lidholm, Tieto | September 19, 2016

My last blog post described the energy retail trends that will shake up your business. In this blog I will detail three more important trends: e-mobility, smart homes and sustainable energy. Each of these trends demands deep insight into consumer behaviours and their ways of thinking.

Mobile contact - less payments: A simple guide to issuers | Part 1.

Raivis Joksts, Tieto | August 23, 2016

The dynamics of the ever changing payment industry can be a bit overwhelming, Raivis Joksts is mapping this out to get you up to speed on whats hot and whats not in mobile contactless payments.

A journey begins - life as a Tieto trainee

Benedicte Aas Glad, Tieto | September 23, 2016

I have just started my journey as a GenT trainee at Tieto together with 25 GenT colleagues from Finland and Sweden.

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