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Get ready to be Slushed

Kirsi Hellsten, Tieto | November 28, 2016

We're superexcited about our upcoming participation in Slush 2016. Winter is coming - and what better way to stay nice and warm than by taking part in all the awesome collaboration and co-innovation that happens at Slush. We've been planning every detail of our appearance and our program for months now...and it's almost time to spring into action! Two whole days crammed full of interesting, inspirational, engaging topics and trends to enthuse over.

How would a shared global ledger for e-invoice addresses work?

Markus Hautala, Tieto | November 29, 2016

Together with the other Nordic countries, Finland is among the world leaders in the digitalisation of the invoice traffic between companies. Worldwide, the market penetration of B2B e-invoices is assumed to be around 10%, whereas in the Nordic countries the corresponding figure is already approaching 50%. The e-invoice market is growing rapidly.

Mobile contact - less payments: A simple guide to issuers | Part 1.

Raivis Joksts, Tieto | August 23, 2016

The dynamics of the ever changing payment industry can be a bit overwhelming, Raivis Joksts is mapping this out to get you up to speed on whats hot and whats not in mobile contactless payments.

Kicking off a career in Bid Management with the Gen-T program

Victoria Saravas, Tieto | November 16, 2016

I can't believe it's been two months since I joined Tieto! The sheer amount of introductory sessions and training programs that have been prepared for us shows just how well we're being cared for.

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