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The four cornerstones for winning customer experience

Satu Edelman, Tieto | April 25, 2017

Building a winning customer experience is on every customer service developer’s to do list. What kinds of changes should you prepare for and what tools should you use? This year it seems that taking control of the mobile channel is the most important development project. However, voice controlled user interfaces and service robotics are already coming around the corner.

Transitioning to cloud – Make it work securely

Sali Jalalpour, Tieto | April 26, 2017

The final decision has been made. Papers are signed. You’re transitioning to cloud, but how does it work exactly, and how can you do this in a secure manner? We’ll go through the process in this blog post.

Why the difference between success and failure is called UX (part 2)

Malin Bergqvist, Tieto | March 23, 2017

In the ever-changing world of unlimited offers, the consumer’s expectations are rising. It is not always enough to be the best at one specific task; now your overall image and brand come into play. To meet the rising expectations of the modern customer, you have to exquisitely orchestrate all of your offers and channels to form a holistic experience in the bigger picture. But how?

Ecosystems aren’t just driving digitalization – they’re shaping our entire future. Here’s how.

Janne Herkama, Tieto | April 21, 2017

Cloud and digitalization are changing businesses fast. Most Fortune 500 organizations are building digitalization capabilities right now. For us IT vendors the speed of change is happening at a lightning pace.

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