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On hybrid cloud nine, come rain or shine - but how?

Peter Österdahl, Tieto Security Services | November 14, 2018

Hybrid cloud is the next major step in corporate IT evolution. From a cyber security perspective, the transformation to the usage of more cloud computing resources brings multiple benefits, but also raises many issues. What are the key security challenges and their solutions?

A quick dive into the diverse world of Healthcare Information Systems

Sanni Pajarinen, Tieto | November 8, 2018

Tieto – as we all know – is an incredible combination of different expertise and talent. Not only that, Tieto brings together people from different nationalities and cultures.

Are you ready to share your car data?

Ari Aalto, Tieto | September 25, 2018

Digital cars collect an incredible amount of data as they connect and interact with the environment. Many parties are eager to access and use your car data. Would you let them?

In addressing climate change, digitalization is a key part of the solution

Maija Tenhunen, Tieto | November 8, 2018

Recent news headlines have made for grim reading. The ICT sector’s energy consumption is in the rise. Most of internet traffic today is video streaming. Bitcoin uses as much energy as Ireland. Our love for smartphones and gadgets could be endangering the planet. Hang on! Did the digital economy just become the bad guy in the fight against climate change?

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