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5G: The rollout necessities

Mina Massoud, Tieto | May 29, 2017

5G is the new generation of mobile networks. Each of the previous generations enabled faster broadband speed and played a role in accelerating mass adoption of mobile internet. The physical world is now connected more than ever.

The future is happening in an instant

Patrik Centellini, Tieto | April 28, 2017

More than 3.7 billion people now use the internet, 90 percent of them via mobile devices. In fact, we’ve never been more connected than at any time in our history. When connectivity becomes almost a hygiene factor, this cannot but alter expectations around speed and service.

No one-size-fits-all solution – Buildings must cater to everyone

Tomi Teikko, Tieto | May 23, 2017

There are huge opportunities to revolutionise the way people work. I’ve actually been experiencing some of this myself over the last few months, as Tieto’s Keilalahti campus has transformed from traditional office to data driven and emphatic activity based environment. Here are the key experiences I have found working in Keilalahti and how I’ve become an IoT sensor myself.

Tieto + GenT = Adventure

Veronika Kiseleva, Tieto | May 29, 2017

What others call “outside my comfort zone” is a comfort zone for me. I love exploring the unknown and embarking upon new adventures. I was extremely happy to join Tieto’s Generation T (GenT) program at a time of such cultural and strategic change, and I was determined to embrace all the dynamics that the program offered me.

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