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How to share sensitive data efficiently? Tokenize it!

Mikko Peltonen, Tieto | October 16, 2018

Tokenization is gaining more traction as a method to protect sensitive data and to lower cyber security risks. Interest is rising due to GDPR requirements, for instance. What are the benefits of tokenization, and how does it compare to encryption?

Insurance: Selling Fear – Selling Hope!

Sameer Datye, Tieto | October 15, 2018

Insurance business is probably one of the few businesses that has managed to successfully institutionalize the concept of selling fear; fear of a scary tomorrow. A business where consumers pay money upfront for a service or benefit that they may never need.

Are you ready to share your car data?

Ari Aalto, Tieto | September 25, 2018

Digital cars collect an incredible amount of data as they connect and interact with the environment. Many parties are eager to access and use your car data. Would you let them?

A truly inclusive working culture is not created with hashtags but with conscious choices

Hanna Vuorikoski, Tieto | October 9, 2018

In the technology industry, success requires a mix of different skills and people from different backgrounds. Diverse teams with a wealth of perspectives create better products and services, achieving higher goals than homogenous ones. At the same time, inclusion – making that mix of people thrive together – drives engagement and success, allowing individuals to feel appreciated for who they are.

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