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Speed your digital transformation by building awareness

Anders Huldén, Tieto | February 24, 2017

'The speed of change’ may no longer be quantified as speed, but merely as a state. In order to support growth, customer centricity and business incubator activities, business requirements assume and call for organisational settings to be flexible, fully supportive and aligned. Additionally, traditional leadership is challenged when network leadership is becoming the norm.

What does real-time P2P payments mean for retailers?

Patrik Centellini, Tieto | February 24, 2017

If you could reboot how payments are done in your store what would you do? Likely you’d want them digital, instant and seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience. With Siirto, this is becoming a reality in Finland. Patrik Centellini shares what’s next within payments for retailers.

The transition from NOC to SOC and the value of a Dynamic Network Topology modeling

Mina Massoud, Tieto | February 23, 2017

The transition from Network Operations (NOC) to Service Operations (SOC), changes the focus from ensuring the smooth operation of the network to understanding and safeguarding the quality experienced by key consumer services and individual high-revenue customers.

What would I say to my 16-year-old self?

Miikka Myyry, Tieto | February 20, 2017

When you are given the chance to hop in a time machine and take a spin back to the past, I guess the first thing that springs to mind is to give your younger self some tips on how to get rich by investing money, or revealing the correct lottery numbers and hitting the jackpot.

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