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How can GDPR improve your customer experience?

Maria Nordgren, Tieto | April 20, 2017

Imagine it’s the summer of 2018. The GDPR is fully enforced, and thanks to the regulation, you are beating your competition by making your customers happier than ever. How could that happen?

Digital start-ups — the fast lane to digitalization

Christian Segersven, Tieto Financial Services | April 17, 2017

New business models are revolutionizing the financial services sector. To stay in the competition, financial institutions must focus on innovating new business models, digitalizing services, and offering personalized user experiences. Companies must create new services in a lean, cost-effective way, while mitigating the risks related to transforming their current business and offerings.

Why the difference between success and failure is called UX (part 2)

Malin Bergqvist, Tieto | March 23, 2017

In the ever-changing world of unlimited offers, the consumer’s expectations are rising. It is not always enough to be the best at one specific task; now your overall image and brand come into play. To meet the rising expectations of the modern customer, you have to exquisitely orchestrate all of your offers and channels to form a holistic experience in the bigger picture. But how?

Why applying for the GenT trainee program was the right choice for me

Isabella Seege, Tieto | April 18, 2017

My journey at Tieto began around two years ago in Helsinki when I joined the Generation T (GenT) trainee program. During my trainee year, I was given the chance to gain invaluable industry and IT knowledge while expanding my network throughout the organization. This proved to be extremely important since, even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I would end up spending the following two years abroad in Sweden as an expatriate.

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