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Smarter business through the Cloud

Helena Trotzenfeldt, Tieto | October 20, 2016

What drives the actual take-off of the cloud? As with all trends, there’s first an element of hype that makes heads of organizations curious, but the hype will not make IT departments move forward. We need to be able to demonstrate and provide real value to our customers and potential customers to make them prepared to take the next step.

Enhance customer interactions through knowledge and inspiration

Marie-Louise Forsberg, Tieto | October 18, 2016

The other week I visited a store in the city that has really tried to use digital solutions to give me as the consumer the feeling getting full insight into anything that might be relevant to my buying process.

Mobile contact - less payments: A simple guide to issuers | Part 1.

Raivis Joksts, Tieto | August 23, 2016

The dynamics of the ever changing payment industry can be a bit overwhelming, Raivis Joksts is mapping this out to get you up to speed on whats hot and whats not in mobile contactless payments.

First impression counts - One month in the Gen-T program

Ludvig Erlandsson, Tieto | October 13, 2016

So, there I was, climbing the stairs at Tieto Stockholm office, on my way to the introductory day of the Gen-T program. I had no idea what to expect and, to be honest, I was a little nervous. As a recent marketing graduate from the business faculty at Lund University, I'd made a decision that most of my classmates hadn't even dreamed of - I was going to forge a career in the IT industry.

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