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Superior customer experience - built through engaging culture, data and agile ways of working

Kimmo Alkio, Tieto | December 14, 2017

We are witnessing a multi-faceted, dynamic era of digitalization and countless news on latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics keep appearing on daily basis.

The status of omnichannel fulfillment in the Nordics

Tuukka Karjalainen, Tieto | December 11, 2017

Combining in-store and online to serve customers better has been a hot topic for retailers in recent years. Three recent studies examined how retailers have walked the talk in the Nordics. I've wrapped up the results to an overview of the Nordic omnichannel fulfillment.

How to relieve the burden of application security testing?

Tuija Tamghart, Tieto | November 21, 2017

Most development teams are measured by the amount of functionalities they produce, not on how secure their code is. But you get what you measure. Is this something that should change? What should a software buyer demand from testing?

Designing the future with data – insight to Solution Architect’s job at Tieto CEM

Weizhen Ma, Tieto | November 2, 2017

Data – the thing that horrifies one and inspires the other. For me it’s an opportunity to develop new products and services for the future needs of our clients. In this blog I will share my experiences in service design team at Tieto Customer Experience Management unit. Continue further to explore the journey behind building the Customer Interaction Engine (CIE).

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