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The key to digitalization: people need trust (and we need to provide it)

Oskar Ehrnström, Tieto | February 13, 2019

Trust is key to successful digitalization. Therefore, all actors of digitalization – companies and authorities - need to be heavily engaged in building it.

Shopping as we knew it is over!

Jari Kekkonen, Tieto | January 25, 2019

The annual NRF Retail’s Big Show conference was arranged once again in the heart of Manhattan, New York on Jan 13-15. Tieto spent a few exciting days in the "Big Apple" and Jari Kekkonen is sharing his insights from the big event.

Whose job is it to boost Software Automation?

Jani Helin, Tieto | January 22, 2019

Software automation is a crucial software project in itself. I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of R&D teams, driving them towards continuous deployment pipelines. Often, external guidance is sought when problems regarding SW automation are so substantial that they start to impact the productivity of the whole R&D organisation.

Life as a Lead Developer and Architect in Tieto CEM

Salar Kaboli, Customer Experience Management business unit, Tieto | January 29, 2019

I have been working in Tieto CEM for 2 years now as a Lead Developer and Architect. In a nutshell, I design and develop the systems that rest of the people are working with and help project teams to do the tasks that they are doing. At the same time I am building tools and products for our Tieto CX Cloud architecture. And last but not least, I help newcomers and juniors with their work.

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