We’re not all technicians, and we’re not all engineers, but we all live for technology. So much so that it’s our favourite thing to discuss and write about. This is where we share that passion for some of the latest and best technologies – and the business benefits they offer.

Ville Tawaststjerna

Solution Manager Collaboration and Productivity Solutions, Tieto

A recent article in Wall Street Journal, including an interview with the CEO, caught my eye because of the strong presence of common sense radiating from the text. Read more


Patrik Kågström

Software Designer, Tieto

When you work in big projects which designs critical tools, ensuring code and functional quality becomes top priority. In this post I describe an example on how we at Tieto setup development environments which tests and verifies code and functional quality. Read more


Ruben Teijeiro

Senior Software Architect, Tieto

A few days ago I attended Drupal Developer Days in Montpellier, one of the most important events for developers, where about 300 Drupal folks from around the world meet to learn, discuss and contribute to the Drupal project. Read more