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Quo vadis, Intranet?

April 7, 2015. | Ville Tawaststjerna, Tieto

Ville Tawaststjerna

Solution Manager Collaboration and Productivity Solutions, Tieto

Intranets in many companies are facing generation shifts in the immediate future.  Read more

Henrik Glimberg

Lead Enterprise Architecture Consultant, Tieto

Shall your IT system always produce the same result for the same request? For quite a lot of people that is kind of the one/zero way of thinking about IT systems. You will always get exactly the same answer to the same request, since it is a computer that answers. Read more


Mikael Salonaho

Chief Risk Officer, Tieto

Without data communication or IT, it would be very difficult for any organization or company to operate. We have become massively more dependent on ICT than we were a few years ago. Read more