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At Tieto, we’re thinking a lot. And we’re writing about those thoughts. About what’s happening at the intersection of business and technology, and we’re discussing and sharing the kinds of ideas that will accelerate your business and change our society. And we’d like you to join us.

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We’re all thinkers, some of us are writers, and others just talk a lot. And this is where we gather all of those thoughts, words and visions concerning Business Transformation, Cloud, Customer Experience Management, Digitalisation, Innovation and Modernisation.


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We’re experts. And we work with a wide range of different industries. That’s provided us with unique business insights, understanding and knowledge. This is where you can find out what we’re thinking about the future of your industry.


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We’re not all technicians, and we’re not all engineers, but we all live for technology. So much so that it’s our favourite thing to discuss and write about. This is where we share that passion for some of the latest and best technologies – and the business benefits they offer.


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We’re really proud of our open culture at Tieto. And open means we’re happy to share some sneak peeks behind the scenes of what it’s like to work here. Of how our successes, and failures, help change perspectives on what’s best for both our customers and colleagues.


Latest blog posts

Challenge blog post: Benefits of the real-time economy

April 30, 2015 | Fredrik Jansson, Real Time Economy - program Tieto

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog challenge to some of my colleagues. Specifically, I wanted to learn the opinions of other network members on the major benefits of the real-time economy (RTE).  Read more

Digitalization and the Nordic energy industry

April 29, 2015 | Ari Oksanen, Head of Business Development, Energy & Utilities Tieto

All energy companies in the Nordics are more or less on the path towards digitalization. The journey to digitalization is as much about technology as it is about altering human behaviour and corporate culture. Collectively, cloud services comprise a set of technologies that is uniquely suited to changing how people do things. In this blog post I highlight some aspects of digitalization in the Nordic energy industry.  Read more

4 steps to combat cyber attacks in a digitalized world

April 29, 2015 | Mikael Salonaho, Chief Risk Officer Tieto

Hacking threats have been around for years, but growing digitalization means it's now more important than ever that organisations take steps to protect their IT systems from cyber attacks.  Read more

Millennials show the way into mobile first shopping

April 27, 2015 | Jari Kekkonen, CTO, Customer Experience Management Tieto

Excellent customer experience is absolutely vital in today's highly competitive market. Life used to be so much simpler for retailers. In the old days, you placed a print, radio or television ad to attract shoppers to your store. Now we are living an era where shopping is more than just buying—it is a form of entertainment.  Read more

The myths of the Industrial Internet

April 27, 2015 | Taneli Tikka, Head of Industrial Internet Tieto

Currently, there is rampant speculation about the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things. While most conversations focus on their many benefits, such as increased efficiency, reduced costs or various new opportunities, there are also several potential threats that ought be discussed. But are these threats as worrisome as we may think?  Read more

Polyglot in the enterprise

April 27, 2015 | Henrik Glimberg, Lead Enterprise Architecture Consultant Tieto

Should everything always be as good and efficient as possible or should some things or even quite a lot of things be rather mediocre?  Read more