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How to bring business closer to IT services?

Manish Kumar, Tieto | October 7, 2015

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) can help companies in tackling the dual challenge of achieving both growth and cost competitiveness at the same time. Manish Kumar looks at SIAM from the perspective of aligning business needs to IT services.

How can energy companies benefit from the Internet of Things?

Timo Karpola, Tieto | October 1, 2015

The Internet of Things provides a huge opportunity for companies in the energy industry to reinvent themselves. But how can energy retailers and distributors utilise the overwhelming amount of available data to gain a competitive edge and retain customers?

Return of the siloes

Ville Tawaststjerna, Tieto | June 16, 2015

I wrote before about the role of different tools and how natives of the digital collaboration era don't see intranets as "editorial monoliths". Perspective for that posting was very much from the vendor's side of the table, and there is always the more important view - customer's view.

Natural networking

Diana Filippovits, | October 8, 2015

Networking is an oft-heard buzzword in today’s career development. Every career adviser you meet has the same overarching message: “Go reach out and network your way to the top.” However, many don’t specify, what this actually means or how it is done.

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