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At Tieto, we’re thinking a lot. And we’re writing about those thoughts. About what’s happening at the intersection of business and technology, and we’re discussing and sharing the kinds of ideas that will accelerate your business and change our society. And we’d like you to join us.

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We’re all thinkers, some of us are writers, and others just talk a lot. And this is where we gather all of those thoughts, words and visions concerning Business transformation, Cloud, Customer experience management, Digitalization, Innovation and Modernization.


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We’re experts. And we work with a wide range of different industries. That’s provided us with unique business insights, understanding and knowledge. This is where you can find out what we’re thinking about the future of your industry.


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We’re not all technicians, and we’re not all engineers, but we all live for technology. So much so that it’s our favourite thing to discuss and write about. This is where we share that passion for some of the latest and best technologies – and the business benefits they offer.


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We’re really proud of our open culture at Tieto. And open means we’re happy to share some sneak peeks behind the scenes of what it’s like to work here. Of how our successes, and failures, help change perspectives on what’s best for both our customers and colleagues.


Latest blog posts

Networking – having the curiosity to learn from each other

August 4, 2015 | Anne Mikkilä, Business Navigator, Application Development and Maintenance, Tieto

I still see networking as human-to-human, contact, even if we can now talk about virtual networking as well. While digitalization is all around us, and as a Tieto employee I see myself as part of shaping the digitalized future, it is definitely the human aspect of business that makes working life rewarding and fascinating.  More


In business, as in nature, it’s all about ecosystems

August 4, 2015 | Riikka Pyykkö, Head of Alliance Coordination, CA-AM Tieto

Summer is a good time in the Nordics to write and think about ecosystems. We all see and hear the nature's ecosystem full and alive.  More


How do I see open source culture?

July 29, 2015 | Rosa Virtanen, SAP Sales Trainee, Tieto

I have to admit that before I came to Tieto, my understanding of the organisation’s open source culture was rather limited. But during our orientation days, after almost every speaker mentioned open source culture, I quickly realised that it is the foundation of how Tieto does business.  More


Tieto as a learning experience

July 22, 2015 | Elina Kärki, HR Trainee, Tieto

At Tieto’s introduction day for Summer Trainees, Tieto’s Vice President for Leadership and Talent development Minna Tornikoski advised us to make the most out of the internship at Tieto and keep learning also outside of your own comfort zone. For example, by asking inspiring people to have a coffee with you it is possible to find out about new opportunities at Tieto.   More


Working towards open source culture – building trust

July 21, 2015 | Anna Pulkkinen, Product Manager Trainee, Tieto

As a participant of Tieto’s Generation-T trainee program I’ve had the chance to work both with my trainee colleagues in training modules around the Tieto offices and with my colleagues in my home office in Kuopio on a daily basis. Consequently I’ve come to know Tieto quite well: the energy industry from my daily work and in a wider perspective through the trainee program.   More


The hub way - improved customer experience in the Nordic energy market

July 20, 2015 | Carl Lidholm, Head of Consulting Energy & Utilities Tieto

In the near future, data information will flow efficiently among actors in the Nordic energy market via data hubs within the Nordic countries. The new hubs link all market actors—distributors, retailers and consumers—and provide integrated access to all metering data. For consumers, this transformation will result in a greater customer experience.  More


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