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CEO, three reasons why security must be lead proactively, not reactively

Markus Melin, Tieto | February 9, 2016

In security, it has been traditionally thought that no news is good news.

Energy companies can stand out through customer experience management

Annastiina Larronmaa, Tieto | January 29, 2016

Why is customer experience management (CEM) increasingly important in the energy sector, and how can energy companies address this need? Annastiina Larronmaa, Delivery Executive for Tieto Energy and Utilities, answers these questions and offers insights about customer experience management for energy companies.

Project model – combine waterfall and Agile project methods – save time and money

Karl-Johan Spiik, Tieto | January 28, 2016

Many times customer wants to buy projects in waterfall model. Even if the customer knows the pros of an Agile method they still want to have fixed scope to ensure the delivery of a project. This means that the project is done with waterfall model and contains separated design and implementation phases. Customer buys first design phase and estimations before the actual implementation phase. I integrated internal Scrum agile method to this process to save time and effort in both phases.

How my job has changed since 2007

Jan Kyncl, Tieto | January 22, 2016

Today’s IT companies transform continuously. In order to keep pace with the competition, Tieto has also changed a lot. Our customers demand higher quality at lower prices – and delivered by fewer hands. These challenges have led to new technologies, such as cloud, as well as to offshoring, automation, and staff cuts. Teams work more globally and some of them are even remotely managed. Simply put, the only thing that stays is change.

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